How we met Skip Spady through Facebook

Skip & HoniAfter years of resisting and not really knowing how or believing that all this social media networking works, Alfonse and I finally came to the conclusion that we had to actively pursue it if we were ever to find out. 

So our first idea was to run a caption contest on Facebook and Skip won because his was the wittiest and the least cute out all the entries. His prize was to come to our studio for a photo session. All went well and he was even game when we used our rinky dink smoke machine for “special effects” while he posed with his guitar.

Unfortunately, our computer went on the fritz shortly after that shoot and we lost all the files. (By the way, all the files from your wedding are already backed-up, I swear…). Long story short, Skip was amenable to come to us again for a re-shoot and that is when we met his honey, Honi. We were more relaxed by then and even the photos we got seemed better than the first go around. We had no idea they were considering using our studio to shoot their wedding and despite Alfonse’s stellar gift of salesmanship, (insert sarcastic emoticon here) they hired him to cover their special day.  So, thank you Skip and Honi.

Oh, by the way, Skip’s winning caption was: “Social Net-WHAT? It’ll never fly!”

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